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Independence Alliance Services

Disability Rights & Advocacy

The Disability Rights and Advocacy Specialist assists consumers in addressing their needs through guiding them through self- and individual advocacy. The Specialist engages in local, state, and sometimes national systems advocacy efforts. These efforts can include contacting and negotiating with businesses, government agencies, policymakers, legislators, and others, to effect changes in how people with disabilities are treated, perceived, or accommodated throughout society or in their communities.

Independent Living Skills

Our goal is to assist people with disabilities to be independent at home and in the community.  Independence Alliance's Independent Living Specialist assists people with disabilities in developing self-determined goals for greater independence and can be provided in groups or 1:1.

Peer Support

Peer support is an opportunity for people with disabilities to share knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other. Peer support can take place in groups or 1:1.

Information & Referral

I&R is provided by responding to phone calls, emails, and in-person inquiries. We provide information about Independence Alliance's programs and/or specific services; or may refer the consumer to other community resources that can meet their immediate needs.

Home and & Community Transition Services

Independence Alliance can assist people with disabilities who are currently residing in rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, or other institutional settings with their transition back into the community to live as independently as possible. Independence Alliance can assist the consumer to:

  • Identify the healthcare, social services, and daily living support needed to live independently
  • Connect with organizations and agencies that can provide ongoing services and support
  • Apply for disability benefits
  • Find affordable and accessible housing
  • Obtain home modifications
  • Obtain disability-related equipment and devices
  • Other needs that promote independent living

Housing Programs

Independence Alliance provides several housing programs in both Ohio and Kentucky through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To be enrolled in one of our housing programs, you must be referred to Independence Alliance. These referrals are made through a Coordinated Entry process by which people with disabilities experiencing homelessness are given access to housing and assistance based on their level of need and resources available. Once enrolled in one of our programs, you may access rental subsidies and benefit from our targeted support services. Support services provide information and assistance as it relates to disability benefits, employment, education, public access, etc.

HMIS Privacy Notice & Client Consent Form

Art Beyond Boundaries

Independence Alliance’s inclusive art program and mainstream, fine art exhibition gallery where artists with disabilities can enhance their artistic and professional skills. Visit artbeyondboundaries.com